60 Mins: £60 | 90 Mins: £90 | 120 Mins: £120

Oil Based

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

It’s one of the main results of working on a computer for long hours. Firstly, I will diagnose and isolate your particular issue before treating it. This is done by focusing on the source of your pain and gently working to alleviate it by increasing the blood flow to the area of concern. This will then unblock, for example, your back, your hands, your arms or your neck, restoring balance to your body. 90 or 120 minutes

Migraine relief

Migraines can be debilitating can lead to sleep loss. As those suffering will know, it’s not an easy ailment to fix, even with multiple visits to the doctor. My treatment focuses on relief of muscular aches that feed into the migraine, loosening the neck and the shoulders and increasing blood supply to the head. I have had many positive results, which prove that this massage technique can even help the most serious of pains. 90 or 120 minutes

Poor posture

You might not have noticed but our modern lifestyle results in bad posture, which causes pain. Sitting all day in front of a screen and lack of exercise on one side, or living an over active life on the other, leads to body stress, bad posture and pain. Give your body the time it deserves; working from your toes up, I will straighten your posture and restore your body to its full height. By using massage techniques on your legs, back, neck and head, I will help you reshape your body and back and alleviate your pain. You’ll be beautiful and smart once again! 90 or 120 minutes

Aromatherapy oil massage

Pamper yourself with a full body, light massage using almond oil as the base and adding one of a small range of essential oils that suits you best, to carry out a wonderful relaxing moment of peace and well-being. Don’t you deserve it? 90 or 120 minutes

Royal Thai Aromatherapy Massage

The ultimate relaxation massage with herbal compresses or hot stones. This oil-based aromatherapy relaxation body massage will make you feel as if you were transported to Thailand while the worries of your day disappear. 90 or 120 minutes

Non-Oil Treatments

Genuine Thai Traditional Massage (strong)

This is the way we Thais take our massage. Changing into loose, comfortable clothes you lie down on a mat. Then deep static and rhythmic pressure is applied to your body. This forms the core of the massage whose aim is to alleviate pain. It is especially good for your legs and lower back because of the stretching which is part of the process. By increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and relieving the body of built up tension, this non-oil massage is true taste of Thailand. A session includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body, pulling fingers, toes, ears and cracking the knuckles. It’s a strong massage, for those used to it. 90 or 120 minutes

Head neck & foot massage

Another of the traditional Thai massages, which focuses on both ends of the body to relax it and free the body from stress. It’s incredible how much lighter you feel after this massage, especially if you suffer from neck pain. 60 minutes

Foot Massage

The third of the Thai traditional massages offered, the foot massage, concentrates on the feet, ankles and legs and offers a quick relief starting from the feet which are under so much strain during the day. 60 minutes

Head Neck and Shoulder Massage

The last of the Thai traditional massages offered focuses on the head neck and shoulders. The massage is a quick treatment focusing on these areas to relaxed the upper part of the body and lighten the head, helping to cure headaches. 60 minutes

Notes: * 90 minutes is the minimum time required for an effective healing massage. All massages quoted are therapeutic relief massages, rather than simple relaxation sessions that last a shorter time. For Terms and Conditions, please check the Booking page. For out-call prices, please contact me.

The History of Thai Massage

Practiced in Thailand for thousands of years, Thai Massage is truly an ancient therapy. Thai Massage was developed more than 2500 years ago by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha (Dr. Shivago) a friend to the Buddha and his personal physician. With a vast knowledge of medicine, his story can be found in the ancient Indian texts dating back to the 4th Century BCE. Thais also believe that Jivaka invented traditional medicine and for us, he is the father of Thai massage. He is also referred to as the ‘Father Doctor’ and in the Thai healing practice, thanks are given to the Father Doctor before and after massage.

Old texts describe Jīvaka giving treatments to the Buddha, for example, when the Buddha had a cold and when the Buddha was hurt after an attempt on his life. Not only a healer but Jīvaka also developed an interest in the Buddha’s teachings and adopted the Buddha’s five precepts:

  • A prohibition of killing, both humans and all animals
  • Prohibiting theft
  • Adultery in all its forms
  • Falsehood spoken or committed to by action
  • Abstaining from intoxication through alcohol, drugs or other means

Thai medicine is believed to have influences from ancient Thai royal traditions and from how the art was practiced throughout the kingdom. It was passed through generations by educating a select few but now is accessible to all. The Royal tradition of Thai medicine was also developed at the royal court and has influence from India, China, the Muslim world.

The Thai people have been practicing Ayurvedic medicinal traditions brought to them from India thousands of years ago. During its peak, many physicians were Buddhists including the great Buddhist sage Nagarjuna, of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Thai’s today maintain these traditions and it forms the base of what we believe to be the true way to maintain your health.

Emanating from India, techniques and practices of massage have evolved in Thailand to become known as Thai massage. Wrapped up in other important health practices for the body such as yoga, Thais believe that a healthy body, a clear mind and maintaining a body’s natural balance go hand in hand with our belief in the Buddhist way of life.

Terms & Conditions: Please Read Carefully Before Your Massage

Please read carefully before your massage Click on the button to book an appointment. Please leave your phone number and details. Once your appointment is booked, you’re all set to go. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Please note the terms & conditions for booking a massage:

  • Cancellation policy – minimum 24 hours before your massage. Not respecting the cancellation period blocks your booking on the system and stops other people from taking your slot
  • Once you have booked your massage, a pre-authorization payment of your debit or credit card will be required
  • No-shows or cancellations without proper notice will be charged the full amount of the massage
  • Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out and sign a short form in regards to your fitness for a massage treatment

Please read – Your health and safety is very important to me

  • General Medical Conditions: Since I am not a medical practitioner, if you have a medical condition that you think is not suitable for a massage, please consult your doctor before making an appointment. In this case, I will not be able to advise you or be responsible for any complications that might arise from the massage.
  • Pregnant Women: Please note that pregnant women especially in their first trimester should not receive my type of massage, which focuses on increased blood flow to all parts of the body. I am sorry but I cannot accept women for treatment during this period.